Hier schreiben Leute aus ihrer persönlichen Erfahrung
darüber, wie sie die Sitzungen mit mir erlebt haben

Dario B. (Aachen, Deutschland):
Patricks Reiki Sessions sind ein Mix aus einem warmen Bad aus hochfrequenter positiver Vibration und eine helfende Hand bei der Integration von den energetischen Prozessen die gerade in deinem System anstehen. Besonders bei Patrick ist, dass neben dem Menschlichen Austausch eine starke Präsenz des reinen Bewusstseins mitspielt, die einem Möglichkeit eröffnen sich selbst als jenes zu erkennen. Oft kann Patrick schneller deuten was sich gerade bei mir abspielt als Ich selbst.

Nach jeder Session fühle ich mich erfrischt und geerdet.


Ritika (Hilversum, Niederlande):

I have known Patrick for the last 2 years and we have had several Reiki sessions together. I have received Reiki from him both at a distance and while being present in the same location. The experiences I have had have been profound and intense.

Patrick has a very strong energy and is highly intuitive. Often, after the session we have compared our insights and experiences. Patrick would inform me of what he experienced and saw while transmitting energy and my experience of what I felt would always tally with his account. This helped me discover and heal so many blockages in my body.

It also helped me better understand  the importance of the free flow of energy. 


Patrick has been instrumental in my spiritual development. He is the first Reiki practitioner with whom I have been able to connect on such a deep and genuine level. His energy as I have come to recognize is very sincere, grounded and honest.

He is truly interested in my well-being and has nothing but love to offer. What sets him apart from other practitioners is that his role encompasses both the transmission of energy and the integration of the experience of receiving this energy in everyone he works with. Receiving Reiki from him is not just about the transmission but about the comprehension and integration of what it is that the energy triggers in you.


What Ritika wrote down right after a Reiki Transmission with me:

It started at 4.22 pm I was already feeling the tension and the vibration under my chest on my right side. I closed my eyes and the vibration progressed to my whole diaphragm. I felt as if the cavity between my stomach and chest was a taut string that someone was plucking and vibrating. I began to see colours. At first there was a lightening of the darkness behind my closed eyelids. Then slowly it turned to greenish. I felt the vibration deep inside me in my heart and a feeling of warmth and love began to spread into my body, a little bit like the afterglow of a strong orgasm.

Suddenly the feeling that I wanted to laugh crept up and I began to laugh. As I did so I started to feel my pancreas; a sensation that lasted the whole time. Slowly the feeling moved to  my forehead and between my eyes where some kind of strain lifted up. I began to see a bluish pink colour and many other random flickering images that I couldn't place. There was also some text that I couldn't read. I felt a pleasure sensation in my root chakra too. And at some random points in my back. I started to go deeper and deeper into the space. The bluish pink started to get darker and I felt as if all the energy had become trapped in the center of my body near my diaphragm. Suddenly I couldn't breathe, it felt stiff and tight and the temperature started to get warm. I felt like I was heating up and the tension was growing until I couldn't breathe then in a wave it eased off but did not completely disappear. After a few minutes of random movements in my abdomen and forehead, I started to feel light headed and faint. I noticed I had a suddenly had a slightly sweet taste in my mouth and just then I had the strongest sensation of all- I was spinning. I was on a merrygo round with my eyes shut, I was the earth rotating on its axis. The black spot in my vision multiplied. I can only explain the sensation physically as what happens when you move an object extremely fast and it's edges start to blur as it spins rapidly. I felt a little fear when the thought that I am motion sick crept up and then I allowed it and it eased off. After one final wave from my stomach to toes the vibrations eased off and slowly around 4.55 they left me feeling light and in disbelief...

Mohan T. (Waldorf, Deutschland):

Hi Everyone,

I have taken a few Rasa sessions with Patrick. In each of those sessions I reached a deep blissful state of mind.

It almost feels like he takes me to another peaceful place virtually. He has a very strong connection with me during the Rasa session. I feel very relaxed during and also after the session.

During the session, it feels like he has a connection and can direct me towards a peaceful state. I feel the energy very strongly in my head and then the feeling moves into the body, he is able to clear any agitated energy and make it peaceful.

I would strongly recommend you to use his service as he is really good at channeling his energy and give a very good RASA session to anyone.

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