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Infinite Being

Have you ever felt the unending, unbound consciousness that you are, the empty space in you where infinite possibilities are able to arise?

Are you aware of your inner most being? That which simply is... Without any conditioning, free from the identification with thoughts and suffering.

Have you seen this profoundly simple but limitless depth within you, at your core?

It's not a personal sense of being a separate Self, a little somebody in this vast Universe.

It feels more like a intuitive and primordial Knowing which seeps throughout the entirety of your human experience.

Are you living and embodying this Truth, or is it just a concept in your mind?

Do you really know that you don't know?

So what What its it that you are?

If you think you know, you have failed.

If you believe you will find something, you will never stop looking and miss what is already here.

What you are is right here right now, undefinable, ungraspable, untouchable.

It's neither form nor formless.

It's neither in front, or in between and not even beyond.

You are and always will be this deep infinite Mystery.

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